Pierre-Alain DUC

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Pierre-Alain DUC

Directeur de recherche
Direction, GALHECOS

pierre-alain.duc@-Code to remove to avoid SPAM-astro.unistra.fr
03 68 85 24 45, bureau C2

  • Research topics
    – Galaxy formation and evolution
    – Interacting galaxies
    – Dwarf galaxies
    – Exploration of the Low Surface Brightness Universe
  • Main projects and collaborations
    – Deep imaging surveys: NGVS, CFIS, MATLAS
    – Euclid, member of the Local Universe Science Working Group (WP co-lead for LSB galaxies), and the Galaxies and AGNs Science Working Group
    – Rubin, member of the LSST  galaxy science collaboration, operation manager for the in-kind proposals
    – CASTLE