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The future is certain: Supernova Remnants in the multi-messenger era

Le 10 janvier 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Miroslav Filipovic

Western Sydney University


This is an exciting time for the discovery and study of supernova remnants (SNRs), which reflect a major process in the elemental enrichment of the interstellar medium (ISM). The study of this interaction in different domains from radio to gamma rays allows a better understanding of these objects and their environments. 

We are currently carrying out observational studies of SNRs and superbubbles using today’s gamma-ray, X-ray and radio telescopes and will continue our efforts with upcoming telescopes like eROSITA, Cherenkov Telescope Array, and the SKA precursors, including synergistic programmes such as ASKAP-eROSITA. The SKA pathfinders' observations will also allow high-resolution polarimetry and are key to the study of the energetics of accelerated particles as well as the magnetic field strength and configurations. Gamma-ray studies have provided answers to the long-standing question of the origin of cosmic rays, but there is still much work to be done in accounting for the Galactic cosmic-ray flux.

I will present an overview of our ongoing multi-messenger studies of these objects using present generation of instruments. Finally, I will present our strategies for the next 10 years on how to observe SNRs with the next generation of instruments -- from ASKAP/MWA2 via eROSITA to CTA.

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