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Recents news from supernova remnants in X- and gamma-rays

Le 29 novembre 2019
De 10h30 à 12h00

Fabio Acero 



The large amount of energy released in the supernova explosion leads to the creation of a fast shock wave which is an important source of cosmic-rays, kinetic and thermal energy in the interstellar medium. Supernovae are also the main production site of heavy elements in the Universe.

This seminar will start with a short introduction to SNRs, present the current scientific questions, and what we’ve learned from high-energy observations in the recent years.Then I will first focus on our recent work on the source RX J1713.7−3946, an excellent target to investigate particle acceleration in SNRs since it is one of the brightest sources of the TeV sky and exhibits strong synchrotron emission in X-rays. Then I will present a new analysis method to fully exploit the multi-dimensional (X, Y, E, T) nature of X-ray data. This technique draws from the most advanced signal processing techniques to capture the wealth of information contained in rich datasets such as deep XMM-Newton/Chandra observations or the upcoming Athena data.

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