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Astro lunch 24.04.2018

Le 24 avril 2018
De 12h45 à 13h45

Anu Kundu (ObAS) 

Understanding pulsar emission considering a rotating off-centred dipole



Past few decades have shown an exponential rise in the importance of studying compact objects possessing inherent extreme characteristics. The theoretical understanding of compact objects like neutron stars still remain a mystery even after years of collecting observational data from pulsars and proposing many vivid theoretical models, none of which seem to converge well with data.

One of the most efficient methods to understand the physics of neutron stars is to study their electromagnetic field. Our work focuses on understanding the magnetic field topology in the magnetosphere and ultimately, study the emission mechanisms and characteristics of pulsar radiation, which are closely linked to the electromagnetic field structure. We propose an unconventional model in which the multipolar components of the electromagnetic field are arising as a direct consequence of our off-centred approach i.e. an approach considering the centre of the magnetic moment not coinciding with the geometrical centre of pulsar. I would be presenting the results on consequences of this approach by showing light curves and spectra.

TL;DR : Pretty colourful plots representing pulsar emission features will be presented!

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