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Journaux à comité de lecture

ACL09-1 Letarte, B., Chapman, S. C., Collins, M., Ibata, R. A., Irwin, M. J., Ferguson, A. M. N., Lewis, G. F., Martin, N., McConnachie, A. & Tanvir, N. A Keck/DEIMOS spectroscopic survey of the faint M31 satellites AndXV and AndXVI. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.400,  p.1472-1478

ACL09-2 Lane, R. R., Kiss, L. L., Lewis, G. F., Ibata, R. A., Siebert, A., Bedding, T. R. & Székely, P. Testing Newtonian gravity with AAOmega: mass-to-light profiles of four globular clusters. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.400,  p.917-923  

ACL09-3 Chung, A., van Gorkom, J. H., Kenney, J. D. P., Crowl, H. & Vollmer, BVLA Imaging of Virgo Spirals in Atomic Gas (VIVA). I. The Atlas and the H I Properties. The Astronomical Journal,  v.138,  p.1741-1816  

ACL09-4 Yusef-Zadeh, F., Bushouse, H., Wardle, M., Heinke, C., Roberts, D. A., Dowell, C. D., Brunthaler, A., Reid, M. J., Martin, C. L., Marrone, D. P., Porquet, D., Grosso, N., Dodds-Eden, K., Bower, G. C., Wiesemeyer, H., Miyazaki, A., Pal, S., Gillessen, S., Goldwurm, A., Trap, G. & Maness, H. Simultaneous Multi-Wavelength Observations of Sgr A* During 2007 April 1-11. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.706,  p.348-375

ACL09-5 Renaud, F., Boily, C. M., Naab, T. & Theis, C. Fully Compressive Tides in Galaxy Mergers. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.706,  p.67-82

ACL09-6 Martin, N. F., McConnachie, A. W., Irwin, M., Widrow, L. M., Ferguson, A. M. N., Ibata, R. A., Dubinski, J., Babul, A., Chapman, S., Fardal, M., Lewis, G. F., Navarro, J. & Rich, R. M. PAndAS' CUBS: Discovery of Two New Dwarf Galaxies in the Surroundings of the Andromeda and Triangulum Galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.705,  p.758-765  

ACL09-7 Lefèvre, L., Marchenko, S. V., Moffat, A. F. J. & Acker, A. A systematic study of variability among OB-stars based on HIPPARCOS photometry.Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.507,  p.1141-1201

ACL09-8 Galametz, A., De Breuck, C., Vernet, J., Stern, D., Rettura, A., Marmo, C., Omont, A., Allen, M. & Seymour, N. Large scale structures around radio galaxies at z ~ 1.5. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.507,  p.131-145  

ACL09-9 Mouhcine, M. & Ibata, R. A panoramic view of M81: new stellar systems in the debris field Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.399,  p.737-743  

ACL09-10 Mignani, R. P., Motch, C., Haberl, F., Zane, S., Turolla, R. & Schwope, A. VLT optical observations of the isolated neutron star RX J0420.0-5022. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.505,  p.707-713  

ACL09-11 Miszalski, B., Acker, A., Parker, Q. A. & Moffat, A. F. J. Binary planetary nebulae nuclei towards the Galactic bulge. II. A penchant for bipolarity and low-ionisation structures. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.505,  p.249-263  

ACL09-12 Leroy, A. K., Bolatto, A., Bot, C., Engelbracht, C. W., Gordon, K., Israel, F. P., Rubio, M., Sandstrom, K & Stanimirovic, S. The Structure of a Low-metallicity Giant Molecular Cloud Complex. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.702,  p.352-367  

ACL09-13 Groenewegen, M. A. T., Lançon, A. & Marescaux, M. Near-infrared spectroscopy of AGB star candidates in Fornax, Sculptor, and NGC 6822. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.504,  p.1031-1040

ACL09-14 Guillout, P., Klutsch, A., Frasca, A., Freire Ferrero, R., Marilli, E., Mignemi, G., Biazzo, K., Bouvier, J., Monier, R., Motch, C. & Sterzik, M. A spectroscopic survey of the youngest field stars in the solar neighbourhood. I. The optically bright sample. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.504,  p.829-843

ACL09-15 Trap, G., Falanga, M., Goldwurm, A., Bozzo, E., Terrier, R., Ferrando, P., Porquet, D., Grosso, N. & Sakano, M. Bursting behavior of the Galactic center faint X-ray transient GRS 1741.9-2853. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.504,  p.501-510  

ACL09-16 Pires, A. M., Motch, C. & Janot-Pacheco, E. A search for thermally emitting isolated neutron stars in the 2XMMp catalogue. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.504,  p.185-197  

ACL09-17 Fresneau, A. & Osborn, W. H. A variability sample catalogue selected from the Sydney Observatory Galactic Survey. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.503,  p.1023-1036  

ACL09-18 Tremblay, G. R., Chiaberge, M., Sparks, W. B., Baum, S. A., Allen, M. G., Axon, D. J., Capetti, A., Floyd, D. J. E., Macchetto, F. D., Miley, G. K., Noel-Storr, J., O'Dea, C. P., Perlman, E. S. & Quillen, A. C. HST/ACS Emission Line Imaging of Low-redshift 3CR Radio Galaxies. I. The Data. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series,  v.183,  p.278-294  

ACL09-19 Bot, C., Helou, G., Latter, W. B., Puget, J., Schneider, S. & Terzian, Y. A Search for Dust Emission in the Leo Intergalactic Cloud. The Astronomical Journal,  v.138,  p.452-458  

ACL09-20 Munari, U., Siviero, A., Bienaymé, O., Binney, J., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Campbell, R., Freeman, K. C., Fulbright, J. P., Gibson, B. K., Gilmore, G., Grebel, E. K., Helmi, A., Navarro, J. F., Parker, Q. A., Reid, W., Seabroke, G. M., Siebert, A., Steinmetz, M., Watson, F. G., Williams, M., Wyse, R. F. G. & Zwitter, T. RAVE spectroscopy of luminous blue variables in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.503,  p.511-520  

ACL09-21 Younes, G., Boirin, L. & Sabra, B. An XMM-Newton view of the dipping low-mass X-ray binary XTE J1710-281. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.502,  p.905-912  

ACL09-22 Vollmer, B. A holistic view on ram pressure stripping in the Virgo cluster. The first complete model-based time sequence. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.502,  p.427-435

ACL09-23 Richardson, J. C., Ferguson, A. M. N., Mackey, A. D., Irwin, M. J., Chapman, S. C., Huxor, A., Ibata, R. A., Lewis, G. F. & Tanvir, N. R. An HST/ACS view of the inhomogeneous outer halo of M31. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.396,  p.1842-1850  

ACL09-24 Collins, M. L. M., Chapman, S. C., Irwin, M., Ibata, R., Martin, N. F., Ferguson, A. M. N., Huxor, A., Lewis, G. F., Mackey, A. D., McConnachie, A. W. & Tanvir, N. A spectroscopic survey of EC4, an extended cluster in Andromeda's halo. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.396,  p.1619-1628

ACL09-25 Rejkuba, M., Mouhcine, M. & Ibata, R. The stellar population content of the thick disc and halo of the Milky Way analogue NGC891. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.396,  p.1231-1246  

ACL09-26 Ibata, R., Bellazzini, M., Chapman, S. C., Dalessandro, E., Ferraro, F., Irwin, M., Lanzoni, B., Lewis, G. F., Mackey, A. D., Miocchi, P., & Varghese, A. Density and Kinematic Cusps in M54 at the Heart of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy: Evidence for A 104 Msun Black Hole? The Astrophysical Journal,  v.699,  p.L169-L173  

ACL09-27 Theis, C., & Köppen, JStarbursts in isolated galaxies. I. The influence of stellar birth function and IMF. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.502,  p.45-59  

ACL09-28 Minchev, I., Quillen, A. C., Williams, M., Freeman, K. C., Nordhaus, J., Siebert, A. & Bienaymé, O. Is the Milky Way ringing? The hunt for high-velocity streams. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.396,  p.L56-L60  

ACL09-29 Huxor, A., Ferguson, A. M. N., Barker, M. K., Tanvir, N. R., Irwin, M. J., Chapman, S. C., Ibata, R. & Lewis, G. The Discovery of Remote Globular Clusters in M33. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.698,  p.L77-L81  

ACL09-30 Dodds-Eden, K., Porquet, D., Trap, G., Quataert, E., Haubois, X., Gillessen, S., Grosso, N., Pantin, E., Falcke, H., Rouan, D., Genzel, R., Hasinger, G., Goldwurm, A., Yusef-Zadeh, F., Clenet, Y., Trippe, S., Lagage, P.-O., Bartko, H., Eisenhauer, F., Ott, T., Paumard, T., Perrin, G., Yuan, F., Fritz, T. K. & Mascetti, L. Evidence for X-Ray Synchrotron Emission from Simultaneous Mid-Infrared to X-Ray Observations of a Strong Sgr A* Flare. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.698,  p.676-692

ACL09-31 Dobashi, K., Bernard, J.-P., Kawamura, A., Egusa, F., Hughes, A., Paradis, D., Bot, C. & Reach, W. T. Extinction Map of the Small Magellanic Cloud Based on the SIRIUS and 6X 2MASS Point Source Catalogs. The Astronomical Journal,  v.137,  p.5099-5109  

ACL09-32 Cioni, M.-R. L., Irwin, M., Ferguson, A. M. N., McConnachie, A., Conn, B. C., Huxor, A., Ibata, R., Lewis, G. & Tanvir, N. AGB stars as tracers of metallicity and mean age across M 33. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.500,  p.1025-1025

ACL09-33 Bienaymé, O., Famaey, B., Wu, X., Zhao, H. S. & Aubert, D. Galactic kinematics with modified Newtonian dynamics. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.500,  p.801-805  

ACL09-34 Bienaymé, O. Potential-density pairs and vertical tilt of the stellar velocity ellipsoid. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.500,  p.781-784

ACL09-35 Jachym, P., Köppen, J., Palous, J. & Combes, F. Ram pressure stripping of tilted galaxies. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.500,  p.693-703  

ACL09-36 Harris, W. E., Mouhcine, M., Rejkuba, M. & Ibata, R.Globular cluster candidates in NGC 891. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.395,  p.436-442  

ACL09-37 Ibata, R., Mouhcine, M. & Rejkuba, M. An HST/ACS investigation of the spatial and chemical structure and sub-structure of NGC 891, a Milky Way analogue. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.395,  p.126-143  

ACL09-38 Halbwachs, J.-L. Local effects in astrometric binary orbits: perspective transformation and light-travel time. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society,  v.394,  p.1075-1084

ACL09-39 Bot, C., Helou, G., Boulanger, F., Lagache, G., Miville-Deschenes, M.-A., Draine, B. & Martin, P. Serendipity Observations of Far Infrared Cirrus Emission in the Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey: Analysis of Far-Infrared Correlations. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.695,  p.469-478  

ACL09-40 Pires, A. M., Motch, C., Turolla, R., Treves, A. & Popov, S. B. The isolated neutron star candidate 2XMM J104608.7-594306. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.498,  p.233-240  

ACL09-41 Motch, C., Pires, A. M., Haberl, F., Schwope, A. & Zavlin, V. E. Proper motions of thermally emitting isolated neutron stars measured with Chandra. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.497,  p.423-435

ACL09-42 Teyssier, R., Pires, S., Prunet, S., Aubert, D., Pichon, C., Amara, A., Benabed, K., Colombi, S., Refregier, A. & Starck, J.-L. Full-sky weak-lensing simulation with 70 billion particles. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.497,  p.335-341  

ACL09-43 Dale, D. A., Smith, J. D. T., Schlawin, E. A., Armus, L., Buckalew, B. A., Cohen, S. A., Helou, G., Jarrett, T. H., Johnson, L. C., Moustakas, J., Murphy, E. J., Roussel, H., Sheth, K., Staudaher, S., Bot, C., Calzetti, D., Engelbracht, C. W., Gordon, K. D., Hollenbach, D. J., Kennicutt, R. C.,& Malhotra, S. The Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey: A High-Resolution Spectroscopy Anthology. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.693,  p.1821-1834  

ACL09-44 Miszalski, B., Acker, A., Moffat, A. F. J., Parker, Q. A., & Udalski, A. Binary planetary nebulae nuclei towards the Galactic bulge. I. Sample discovery, period distribution, and binary fraction. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.496,  p.813-825

ACL09-45 Vollmer, B., Soida, M., Chung, A., Chemin, L., Braine, J., Boselli, A. & Beck, R. Ram pressure stripping of the multiphase ISM in the Virgo cluster spiral galaxy NGC 4438. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.496,  p.669-675  

ACL09-46 Hameury, J.-M., Viallet, M. & Lasota, J.-P. The thermal-viscous disk instability model in the AGN context. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.496,  p.413-421  

ACL09-47 Heyvaerts, J., Bonazzola, S., Bejger, M. & Haensel, P. Luminosity of a quark star undergoing torsional oscillations and the problem of γ-ray bursts. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.496,  p.317-332  

ACL09-48 Marquette, J. B., Beaulieu, J. P., Buchler, J. R., Szabo, R., Tisserand, P., Belghith, S., Fouqué, P., Lesquoy, E., Milsztajn, A., Schwarzenberg-Czerny, A., Afonso, C., Albert, J. N., Andersen, J., Ansari, R., Aubourg, E., Bareyre, P., Charlot, X., Coutures, C., Ferlet, R., Glicenstein, J. F., Goldman, B., Gould, A., Graff, D., Gros, M., Haïssinski, J., Hamadache, C., de Kat, J., Le Guillou, L., Loup, C., Magneville, C., Maurice, E., Maury, A., Moniez, M., Palanque-Delabrouille, N., Perdereau, O., Rahal, Y. R., Rich, J., Spiro, M. & Vidal-Madjar, A. The beat Cepheids in the Magellanic Clouds: an analysis from the EROS-2 database. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.495,  p.249-256  

ACL09-49 Chapman, S. C., Blain, A., Ibata, R., Ivison, R. J., Smail, I. & Morrison, G. Do Submillimeter Galaxies Really Trace the Most Massive Dark-Matter Halos? Discovery of a High-z Cluster in a Highly Active Phase of Evolution. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.691,  p.560-568  

ACL09-50 Gordon, K. D., Bot, C., Muller, E., Misselt, K. A., Bolatto, A., Bernard, J.-P., Reach, W., Engelbracht, C. W., Babler, B., Bracker, S., Block, M., Clayton, G. C., Hora, J., Indebetouw, R., Israel, F. P., Li, A., Madden, S., Meade, M., Meixner, M., Sewilo, M., Shiao, B., Smith, L. J., van Loon, J. T. & Whitney, B. A. The Dust-to-Gas Ratio in the Small Magellanic Cloud Tail. The Astrophysical Journal,  v.690,  p.L76-L80

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ACL09-53 Diaz Trigo, M., Parmar, A. N., Boirin, L., Motch, C., Talavera, A. & Balman, S. Variations in the dip properties of the low-mass X-ray binary XB 1254-690 observed with XMM-Newton and INTEGRAL Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.493,  p.145-157

ACL09-54 Wozniak, H. & Michel-Dansac, L. Formation of young boxy/peanut bulges in ringed barred galaxies. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.494,  p.11-20

ACL09-55 Baty, H., Priest, E. R., & Forbes, T. G. Petschek-like reconnection with uniform resistivity. Physics of Plasmas,  v.16,  pp.060701-060701-4

ACL09-56 Baty, H., Forbes, T. G., & Priest, E. R. Petschek reconnection with a nonlocalized resistivity. Physics of Plasmas,  v.16,  pp.012102-012102-5

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ACL09-63 Pétri, J. High-energy pulses and phase-resolved spectra by inverse Compton emission in the pulsar striped wind. Application to Geminga. Astronomy and Astrophysics,  v.503,  p.13-18  

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