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Idex PhD proposal in high-energy astrophysics

mai 26 2014

 The Strasbourg Observatoire is seeking to appoint an excellent candidate in the area of Theoretical/Computational Astrophysical Fluids to work on Magnetic Reconnection in Pulsars environments. The position is open for working in the "High-Energy astrophysics" team. The PhD candidate will work under the supervision of Prof. H. Baty (University of Strasbourg) in collaboration with Prof. J. Petri (University of Strasbourg).

The successful applicant should have experience in programming, and excellent background in Physics and Mathematics. The full description of the announcement can be downloaded by using the following link:

The position will be available as early as Sept. 2014. The initial appointment will be for three years (20,000 Euros (gross) per year, IDEX grant).

Applicants should send a C.V. and arrange for letters of reference to be sent by end of August, 2014. to Pr. Hubert Baty:

The successful applicant will then be asked to do an interview in Strasbourg (at the end of June) in order to validate the application.

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