Applying to the Master 2 of Astrophysics

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Applications to the Astrophysics track of the Master of Physics of the University of Strasbourg must go through the e-candidat website. If you are a resident in one of these countries, you must instead apply via the Campus France program.

Whatever the process you go through, your application must include a CV, a motivation letter and your past academic results. Once your application has been reviewed, an interview is usually organized to discuss, among other things, the project you have in mind.

Typically, the students profiles are M1 Physics students. We also offer the possibility to students from the Strasbourg Telecom Physique engineering school to enroll in our diploma as part of their final year of study. We regularly accept students from other specialties such as Mathematics, Earth Science, or applicants who already have completed their studies (e.g. after an engineering school) who are interested in astrophysics. For indication we typically receive about 50 applications per year and end up with about a dozen students.

Questions about the diploma and its content should be sent to Prof. Dominique Aubert. Questions related to the administrative side of the process can also be sent to the Physics Faculty offices.

Calendar for 2021-2022

For the e-candidat procedure, the calendar is the following :

  • Applications open on the 1st of April 2021
  • Applications end on the 11th of June 2021
  • Final results : 21st of June 2021

For the Campus France procedure, the important dates are :

  • End of applications of the portal : 5th of March 2021
  • Results : 28th of May 2021

Don’t wait until the last minute ! Applications can be reviewed as soon as they are submitted.

Grants Opportunity

The M2 of Astrophysics has partnered with two ‘Graduate Schools’ program (known as ITI ‘Instituts Thématiques Pluridisciplinaires) of the University of Strasbourg. ITI can allocate grants to a selected number of students with excellent academic records :

  • QMAT : this ITI is dedicated to quantum physics and their applications. It aims at supporting young scientists working in this domain or associated domains (such as astrophysics). Fellow students gets various benefits such as financial grants, access to masterclasses, conferences, etc. Applications from non-EU residents must be submitted by the 5th of March 2021. Applications for EU residents are expected by May 2021 (date to be confirmed).
  • IRMIA++ : this ITI is dedicated to mathematics and its interactions with other fields (such as astrophysics). Candidates can apply to an additional university diploma, that involves additional courses or interdisciplinary projects. It can also provide a financial support for a selected number of its fellows.

Finally, if you want to apply for a grant and/or a room offered by the CROUS (the instituation in charge of social services for students), consult as soon as possible the CROUS website.