Strasbourg astronomical observatory

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Strasbourg astronomical Observatory is an Observatory  providing services to the astronomical community, a faculty of the Strasbourg University (Unistra),   and a  mixed research unit  from  CNRS  and Unistra. It is located on the historical campus of the University.

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CNRS Collective cristal medal

9 June 2022 The cristal collectif award recognises teams of men and women, research support staff, who have carried out projects whose technical mastery,...

CDS 50th anniversary

1 April 2022 On Friday 01 April CDS launched into its 50th anniversary year with an event held at the Palais Universitaire : "Open Science and the 50th...

2021 AfNWA award

3 March 2022 The African Network of Women in Astronomy just announced the recipients of its first awards for the year 2021. Marie Korsaga, the first...

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