Dissemination of scientific culture

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Dissemination of scientific culture at the Observatory is mostly achieved in collaboration with the Planétarium of Strasbourg University.

The observatory regularly participates in events for the general public, and offers online resources to discover the sky.

Meeting with the public

The Observatory participates each year in activities towards the public, such as the Fête de la Science or the European Patrimony Days.

Shows and visits

The Planétarium of the Jardin des Sciences offers a variety of regularly renewed shows for a broad audience and school groups for an immersive way to discover scientific knowledge in astronomy.

The team also proposes a guired heritage tour that will allow you to discover the Grande Coupole of the Observatory, its refracting telescope and our Coronelli Globe with an innovative mediation device to compare it to the modern astronomical data available at the CDS.

Exploring the sky

Thanks to the ArchesWalker tool, developed at the Observatory in the frame of the ARCHES project, you can explore different types of astronomical objects in multi-wavelength observations.

With AladinLite, developed by the CDS, you can explore images of the sky obtained by dozens of different projects, in all domains of the electromagnetic spectrum.