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SAADA : Système Auto-configurable d’Archivage de Données Astronomiques


Given the interest in database systems capable of handling heterogeneous information and integrating correlation links between hosted data, a technical thesis, co-financed by the CNES and the Alsace region and aiming to exploit in a broader framework the ideas that led to the design of the SSC database model, was conducted from 2002 to 2005.

Its objective was to provide a self-configurable astronomical data archiving system (SAADA, Système Auto-configurable d’Archivage de Données Astronomiques) allowing a user to automatically transform a set of data files (tables, images, etc.) into a database that can be consulted via the Internet, that is open to the Virtual Observatory and that offers numerous navigation and selection possibilities

SAADA is now a mature, well-supported software that continues to be developed. It is used to host the different databases of the SSC in Strasbourg as well as by the CDS to host the data associated with the VizieR catalogue database.