The specific role of Strasbourg within the SSC

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Strasbourg plays a key role in the generation and dissemination of multi-wavelength information associated with each new X-ray source discovered, as well as in the statistical analysis and automatic classification of these sources.

The Strasbourg team has developed and manages the part of the automatic processing chain of the satellite data allowing the identification of X-ray sources with the help of the archival data, images and catalogs, hosted in large part by the CDS.

From 2013 to 2015, the European FP7-Space ARCHES project created multi-catalog statistical cross-correlation tools that allowed to generate a catalog of candidate galaxy clusters as well as energy density distributions from the UV to the far infrared of several hundreds of thousands of X-ray sources extracted from the 3XMM DR5 catalog.

Strasbourg has logically designed the corresponding part of the database infrastructure of the consortium, setting up the database XCatDB, official SSC interface.

The XCatDB was designed and developed by L. Michel and is based on the SAADA database generation system, also developed under the direction of L. Michel with the help of a PhD engineer, H. N’Guyen and several other collaborators.