10 February 2023Séminaire – Veronique Buat (LAM)

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Dust  and stars in galaxies: a complex interplay


The  complex interplay between dust and stellar emission is reflected by the diversity of situations: the contrast is stricking between organized grand design spirals with regular distributions of each component and Submillimeter Galaxies (SMG) observed with HST and ALMA, and exhibiting a  spatial disconnection between both stellar and dust emissions.

Studying this  complex interplay takes several ways: from radiation tranfer modelling to put a physical framework  to more phenomenological approaches to capture the diversity of configuration through the measure of an  effective attenuation laws. 

I will present some of the main recent results,based on either observations or  simulations and underline  the non universality of the attenuation law of star forming galaxies and the implication on the measure of fundamental properties such as star formation rate or stellar mass.

In the last part of the seminar I will report on recent analyses of dust obscured galaxies detected in mm and with JWST NIRCam which  might also act as ‘low-z’ (z~5) interlopers in samples of z>10 Lyman Break Galaxies.