14 June 2022Séminaire – Andrea Bracco (LPENS)

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The LOFAR window on the multiphase and magnetized Galaxy: insights from the MUSICA project 


Radio observations are a unique window to explore the mystery of cosmic magnetism, from the Galaxy to cosmological ages. By tracing synchrotron emission below 200 MHz with unprecedented sensitivity, the LOFAR telescope is providing us with the most detailed image of the magnetized Milky Way that we have just started to study. In this talk I will present the progress of the MUSICA project. We have contributed to step forward in the understanding of the radio sky, highlighting with first statistical results the complex coupling of the multiphase interstellar gas with magnetic fields in our Galaxy. Our observational results and numerical models of the turbulent, multiphase, and magnetized Galaxy are preparing the ground for the interpretation of next-generation radio-telescopes such as NenuFAR, LOFAR2.0, and the Square kilometer Array.