05 May 2021Séminaire – Kristiina Verro (Kapteyn)

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XSL: a new generation empirical stellar library and stellar population models

With the next generation wide-field spectroscopic facilities, such as
the upcoming WEAVE for the William Herschel Telescope, and recent
advances in the infrared instruments on large telescopes, such as
X-shooter and KMOS, spectroscopic information of different types of
galaxies in various environments will increase in quantity and in
quality. Stellar spectral libraries and associated stellar population
models need to keep up with the times. We are presenting a new
generation empirical stellar library – the X-shooter Spectral Library
(XSL), and stellar population models. With 830 stellar spectra, this
moderate-resolution near-UV to near-IR (R ~ 10 000, 300 – 2480 nm)
spectral library will cover the entire HR diagram, with an emphasis on M
giants. The extended wavelength coverage, and high resolution of the new
XSL-based stellar populations models will help us to bridge the optical
and the near-IR studies of intermediate and old stellar population, and
clarify the role of evolved cool stars in stellar population synthesis.