June 28, 2019
From 10:30 until 12:00

Frédéric Marin Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg Worldships are hypothetical, large,...

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Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg

11 rue de l’Université
67000 Strasbourg

Tél : +33 (0) 3 68 85  24 10
Courriel : contact - webmaster

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Apr 25 2018

Astronomers worldwide are eagerly awaiting for April 25 2018. This is the date the European Space...

May 15 2019

Large spiral galaxies, like our nearest neighbour the Andromeda Galaxy, leave almost no gas or dust...

Apr 23 2019

A team of researchers from the Strasbourg Astronomical Observatory, Bologna Observatory and the...

Mar 28 2019

Rodrigo Ibata, directeur de recherche CNRS à l'Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg...

Feb 28 2019

We all know bubbles from soapy baths or sodas. These bubbles of everyday experience on Earth are...