Le 20 mars 2018
De 12h45 à 13h45

Bernd Vollmer (ObAS)  Thick turbulent gas disks with magnetocentrifugal winds in active galactic...

Du 18 juin 2018 au 22 juin 2018
Strasbourg, France

"The co-evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium during the first billion years of the...

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Astro lunch 27.02.2018

Le 27 février 2018
De 12h45 à 13h45

Andrea Rojas (ObAS) 

 "Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs"


The structure and geometry of the innermost regions of AGN are still unknown. Several methods have been used to infer the size of the regions surrounding the accretion disk, otherwise unresolvable with current instruments. Polarization is one of them and it is probably one of the best tools to probe the unresolved AGN parts. In the pioneering work of Gaskell and Goosmann (2012), the authors successfully achieved a polarization reverberation mapping study of NGC 45151. We explore different equatorial and polar scattering regions in order to test a large model space phase. The goal of our research is to use the technique of reverberation between the total and polarized continuum emission to constrain the geometry of the innermost scattering regions in a large sample of AGN.


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