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Séminaires passés (à partir de sept. 2012)

The ObAS seminars have moved on-line

Du 3 avril 2020 au 26 juin 2020

Every Friday morning at 10:30 CET 03/4 Nicolas Martin (ObAS) 17/4 Pau Ramos (Barcelona) 24/4 Florent Renaud (Lund) 15/5 Marie Korsaga (Cape Town) 22/5 Zhen Yuan (Shanghai) 29/5 Chervin Laporte...[En savoir plus]

Precision dating of old stellar populations with helium-burning stars

Le 6 mars 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Alessandro Savino ARI Heidelberg The study of nearby resolved galaxies is a source of transformational insights into the mechanisms that regulate galaxy evolution and it provides us with a...[En savoir plus]

The diffuse intra-cluster component in the Virgo cluster

Le 28 février 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Alessia Longobardi LAM Structure evolution is now understood to be the products of a Hubble time's worth of merging, accretion, and interaction with the surrounding environment. This history is...[En savoir plus]

Constraints on the High-Redshift Quasar Population from Ongoing Helium Reionization at z~4

Le 21 février 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Gabor Worseck AIP Potsdam Akin to neutral hydrogen, intergalactic singly ionized helium can be probed by Lyman alpha forest spectroscopy of quasars. The advent of GALEX and HST/COS have...[En savoir plus]

The new phase space complexity of old stellar systems

Le 14 février 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Anna Lisa Varri University of Edinburgh Our traditional interpretative picture of the internal dynamics of ancient star clusters has been recently revolutionized by a series of discoveries about...[En savoir plus]

Deuterated Species as Tracers of Star Formation

Le 7 février 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Laurent Pagani Observatoire de Paris In the ‘70s, while several groups were trying to measure various isotopic ratios in dark clouds (13C/12C, 18O/17O/16O,...), it was quickly realized that the...[En savoir plus]

Deciphering the formation & structure of the Milky Way from chemo-dynamics and cosmological simulations

Le 31 janvier 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Francesca Fragkoudi MPA Garching   Embedded in the chemo-dynamical properties of stellar populations in the inner Milky Way (MW), are clues to the formation history of our Galaxy. By combining...[En savoir plus]

Fullerenes, graphenes, PAHs Polycyclic aromatics and the Diffuse Interstellar Bands

Le 24 janvier 2020
De 10h30 à 12h00

Bernard Foing ESA/ESTEC   C60 was discovered in 1985 from a mass spectrometer peak  by Kroto, Curl, Smalley & al,, for which they got the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. It was then produced in...[En savoir plus]

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déc. 3 2020

Gaia est une mission ambitieuse de l'Agence Spatiale Européenne (ESA)) visant à cartographier notre...

mai 13 2020

The ObAS seminars have moved online, every Friday morning at 10:30 here The program of the coming...

févr. 25 2021

Un poste de maître de conférences est ouvert au concours à l’Observatoire astronomique de...

déc. 15 2020

Comme la plupart des galaxies spirales, la Voie lactée a en son centre une condensation d'étoiles à...

oct. 9 2020

Le Globe de Coronelli de Strasbourg restauré sera inauguré officiellement (sur invitation) ce...

sept. 19 2020

En raison de la situation sanitaire, il n'y aura pas de visites de la Grande Coupole de...