Le 27 février 2018
De 12h45 à 13h45

Andrea Rojas (ObAS)   "Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs"   The structure and...

Du 18 juin 2018 au 22 juin 2018
Strasbourg, France

"The co-evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium during the first billion years of the...

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Structures in the Galactic Anticenter and their relation to Sagittarius

Le 3 novembre 2017
De 10h30 à 12h00

Chervin Laporte


I will present self-consistent N-body models of the interaction between Sgr and the Milky Way and show how these relate to various observations of the Galactic Anticenter. In particular, I will show that the origin of these features come from torques acting on the stellar disc in a two-phase scenario: first through the wake Sgr excites in the MW's dark halo which then transition to the tides of Sgr acting on the disc during the last passages. I will also present new results from our spectroscopic campaign to measure chemical abundances and ages for some of the stars in TriAnd and A13 which demonstrate that these features are indeed kicked-up disc stars and how their ages coincide with the timescales of Sgr's accretion. In the final part of this talk, I present some ongoing work trying to understand the origin of thin stream like features such as the many features seen in the Monoceros Ring (including the EBS and Anticenter stream) through the PanSTARRS data and possibly explaining the those inside the PandAS field of streams.

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