Le 27 février 2018
De 12h45 à 13h45

Andrea Rojas (ObAS)   "Modeling optical and UV polarization of AGNs"   The structure and...

Du 18 juin 2018 au 22 juin 2018
Strasbourg, France

"The co-evolution of galaxies and the intergalactic medium during the first billion years of the...

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Plasma theory challenges in magnetic fusion

Le 29 septembre 2017
De 10h30 à 12h00


Institut des Recherches sur la Fusion Magnétique, CEA Cadarache

This seminar gives an overview of various aspects of plasma theory in the context of magnetic fusion research. After a general introduction on magnetic fusion, key research topics such as plasma turbulence, magnetic reconnection and magnetic islands, and the associated numerical challenges will be illustrated, together with highlights of ongoing research by the author.

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