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Astro lunch 13.03.2018

March 13, 2018
From 12:45 until 13:45

Khyati Malhan (ObAS) 

STREAMFINDER: Detection of a new stellar stream in the Pan-STARRS survey

STREAMFINDER is a new algorithm that we have built to detect stellar streams in an automated and systematic way in astrophysical datasets that possess any combination of positional and kinematic information. I will establish that the algorithm is capable of detecting ultra-faint and distant halo stream structures in the Gaia-like dataset. Further, I will present the workings of the STREAMFINDER with real proper motion data from the Pan-STARRS1 survey by demonstrating an "improved detection" of the so called "GD-1" stream structure. Moreover, we also discovered a new stream structure in the neighbouring region of GD-1. This new structure will be discussed in the talk as well.

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